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Wet’nWild “Coming in Latte” Palette Review & Swatches

With the latest trend being neutral eye shadow looks, it seems like every brand is coming out with their own neutral eye shadow palettes. Although these companies put out these palettes, the question remains, “Is it worth it?”

I’m down for trying any brand of makeup, whether it be high-end or low-end drugstore makeup. Since most people know about Wet’nWild, I don’t think they need an introduction or explanation. Most people who know about the brand know that their eye shadow palettes (like the popular “Walking on Eggshells” and “Comfort Zone”) that are comparable-in my opinion-to some more expensive ones.

I picked up Wet’nWild’s “Coming in Latte” at Walgreens for $6.99. It comes with ten eye shadow shades amounting to 0.28 ounces of product and a small dual-ended brush. This is supposedly the same palette that was previously released with Fergie’s name on the front, but I cannot vouch for that considering I do not own that one.

IMG_5505 [153372]
Wet’nWild “Coming in Latte” ten-color eye shadow palette featuring three new Wet’nWild eye shadow brushes

Considering my luck and love of the other Wet ‘n Wild palettes (I own four others), I had high expectations when I first tried this out.

I photographed the palette with Wet’nWild’s new $1 brushes (review to come), but the palette itself came with a brush.

IMG_5510 [153376]
Wet’n’Wild “Coming in Latte” dual-ended eye shadow brush

I tried to use the fluffier end to blend out eye shadow in my crease, but it did not work for me at all. I usually don’t use brushes that come in palettes (except for the Urban Decay ones), but I have to at least try. There is no harm in trying. While the fluffy end was a pass, I do believe the flat end could be usable. I used it to pack down eye shadow on the lid. My tip is to wet that end of the brush before using.

Now…the moment you’ve all been waiting for…THE SWATCHES!


lightWnW “Coming in Latte” with SUNLIGHT

no lightWnW “Coming in Latte” with NO SUNLIGHT

Individual colors:

(Each bullet has a correlating number in the pics above)

  1. Light cream color (can hardly see against my pale skin). Has a bit of sparkle but very, very small specks. Not good opacity. Sort of soft.
  2. Pinkish-orange color. Shimmer. It is more pink than it is orange. It kicks up a little but not too bad. Adds a brightness to the lid but does not have good opacity. Would be best used wet.
  3. Mustard gold. Shimmer. Not the best opacity but can be built. I suggest wetting this one as well. Kicks up in the pan.
    • (Don’t mind the cut I had on my arm under this color)
  4. Like an orange creamsicle. Shimmer. A decent amount of opacity. Not too much kick up.
  5. Milk chocolate. Shimmer. Decent color payoff but lightens out as it blends. May take more than one swipe in the pan.
  6. Taupe. Matte. Very soft and blendable. Stays true to swatch color when put on the lids. 10/10. Good transition color.
  7. Nude pink. Shimmer. Buildable (two dips in the pan is good). Looks great wet or not. One of my favorite colors.
  8. Dark purple-maroonish-brown (if that makes sense). Matte with tiny flecks of glitter. Comes off more matte on the lid. Good opacity.
  9. Deep, dark brown. Matte. Darkest and most opaque. Perfect for outer V. Best color overall (my fav).
  10. Black. Matte. I feel like this is an attempt at making a good matte black, but it did not reach its full potential or goal. The most chalky and splotchy color in the palette.Takes a lot of blending, patience, and building.

Mattes: These colors are all soft and easy to blend. They are probably the best matte eye shadows I’ve used from the drugstore (definitely the softest). I think these alone are worth the money spent on the palette.

Shimmers: These are soft put kick up (like most shimmers I’ve used). Some are better than others opacity-wise. They are all definitely buildable and have a nice shine to be added to the lid.

IMG_5509 [153366]
WnW “Coming in Latte” palette with accompanying dual-ended brush


I wore this palette with the WnW Fergie eye shadow primer (which is an average primer I’ve used when testing many eye shadows). This is not the best nor my favorite primer, but I thought trying the same brand eye palette with the same brand primer would be good.

I applied my primer and shadow at about 9:30-10 in the morning and wore it until about 10:30 at night. I went to class for three hours and came home to do homework, so it was not a day of much movement. It was an average day like the other days I have when I test eye shadow. It lasted pretty well. It did not crease at all, and it looked basically the same as it had when I applied it in the morning. I forgot to photograph the look, but I made note to pay attention to it throughout the day.


The palette is basically half cool and half warm. I think you can make many looks for whatever you are feeling-day or night. While this is a good palette in itself, I think overall, the other WnW palettes are better if you are looking for shimmery colors…and I guess overall.

Does that mean you shouldn’t pick this up? No. I think the mattes alone would be worth it. I do like this palette, and I think you can create complete looks with it. I think it would be even better if paired with another WnW palette (like the “Comfort Zone” in particular). I would recommend this palette to a friend looking for an affordable, yet totally good.

The only bad parts about this palette would be that there was no mirror, which is not too big of a deal unless you are traveling with this palette. Another thing is that fact the black is not good. I find it hard to find a good matte black, and palettes usually fall short with their matte blacks.

So, that leaves us with the question…

Purchase or Pass?


I hope you found this helpful in your decision.

Will you be purchasing or passing?


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