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Sephora Collection Luster Matte Long-Wearing Lip Color in Fig Luster Review & Swatches

Matte lipstick is all the rage today, so it is no surprise the Sephora collection has its own version. The question here is: does this lip product hold up to the others?

Sephora Luster Matte Long-Wear Lip Color in Fig Luster

This product is exclusively sold through and Sephora stores both in JCPenney and stand-alone. It comes with 0.14 fluid ounces of product sold for $16.

The packaging is simply all plastic. I would say the top has the feeling that elf’s Studio line does, but I have not had any problem with fingerprints like I do with elf.

The applicator is somewhat doe-footed, but it is more of a classic wand than anything. It is fairly easy to apply. Getting into the corners of the mouth may be hard if you have small lips, so make sure you use the tip of the wand.

Sephora’s Fig Luster applicator and tube
Sephora’s Fig Luster’s applicator by itself

I purchased the color in Fig Luster, which I see is a relatively popular color for this product. I would say the color is a dark mauve with a lot of pink. When worn on the lips, it looks lighter than it does inside. To show you, I’ll tell you a little story about when I bought this:

I was shopping with my mom last week on my birthday when I bought this (I meant to buy the cream lip color Sephora sells, but I did not realize it was the wrong one until I got home. Oh well.). I put it on in the car, and my mom-who is not a fan of anything that does not look like a natural lip color-said it looked alright and not too dark for my very, very fair skin.

Well, later that night, I was still wearing it and walked into the room where she was watching TV. She asked me, “Why are you wearing dark purple lipstick?” and I told her I was still wearing the color from before.

Long story short, it looks a lot darker inside than it does outside. It does not look like there would be much of a difference in the swatches or even when you take pictures of it on your lips, but in person there is a difference. I hope you can tell in the pictures below.

Arm swatches:

On the lips:

Natural Lips
Fig Luster in sunlight
Fig Luster in room lighting

I think you can kind of tell the difference between sunlight and room light. Granted, it was the middle of the day when I took these pictures, so there was still a lot of sunlight coming  through closed blinds. Just know that when the sun goes down, the color gets darker.

The product comes with a few claims on Sephora’s website. It says it is an “ultralightweight, modern matte lip color with a subtle sheen” and is not tested on animals. It also says the product will not dry out or crack due to the hint of luster and rose hip seed oil. While it hydrates the lips, it will still be matte and will last.

So…does it live up to what it claims?

Let’s find out the answers to that question and more…

  • Is it matte? 
    • Not really. It does dry down after many, many hours of wear, but for the most part, it gives off that sheen it says it has.
  • Is it drying or hydrating?
    • I’d say hydrating. For most of the time I’ve worn this, it has been very moisturizing on my lips. I have dry lips, so most matte lip colors exaggerate fine lines and dry my lips out, but this one did not.
    • After about four hours, I can start to feel the dryness on the lips and have to reapply.
  • How does it dry on the lips?
    • Simply put, it does not. There is always a slight but not too bothersome feeling of stickiness on the lips, but your lips are always wet.
  • Does it transfer?
    • YES. Oh, yes it does. Because it does not dry down and stays wet, it is not settled on the lips and likes to get on everything. Sandwiches, water bottles, your nephew when you kiss him on the forehead, etc.
  • How long does it last? 
    • Let’s just say it will last until you eat. After you eat-no matter how big or small what you ate was-it will wipe off. All you will be left with is a hint of color and what looks to be an outline around your lips.
    • You can lick your lips or drink (if you aren’t chugging down gallons of milk or anything like soup) and it will stay on pretty well. I have not had much trouble with the color coming off of my lips when I do drink, straw or straight from the glass.
  • How is the color payoff?
    • The color is a beautiful mauve that leans pink. The payoff is great even after just one swipe.


This product provides a beautiful color to those who are looking for something with a lot of pigment, but beware those of you looking for a matte product. This is not a matte lip color, although it claims to be. It is far more like a liquid lipstick that is not drying on the lips but does not dry itself.

It is a nice product in its own right, but when I buy a matte lip product, I expect it to be matte. I do not care that it says it is a luster or has a slight shine. You cannot put “matte” in the title if it does not preform as a matte lip color (just my opinion). I know a lot of matte lip colors transfer, so that did not bother me as much as it may other people. That is just something to keep in mind.

So, here is our question:

Purchase or Pass?

I would say for the price of $16, you can PASS. There are far better matte lip colors that actually are matte for less money or just a little bit more.

If you are looking for a matte lip color, I would suggest trying Revlon’s or L’Oreal’s, which are both almost half the price. If you’re looking more upscale and not drugstore, I hear Kat Von D makes a nice one (I am eager to try myself), and that one is a little more expensive at about $21.

I hope this helped you in your makeup shopping.

Will you be purchasing or passing?

Let me know your thoughts!



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