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BIG Dollar Tree Makeup Haul with Swatches & Mini Reviews PART 1


It is a well known fact to my friends and family that the Dollar Tree is my all-time favorite store. I know that sounds kind of lame, but come on: Who doesn’t love little organizer trays, picture frames, and other goodies for only a dollar? For a college student like me, the Dollar Tree is a must for buying and saving money on things that cost a little extra.

For anyone who loves makeup, there is always the secret greatness that the Dollar Tree brings. The store does buy-outs of makeup being repackaged, taken off a brand’s line, or even products still on the line. Popular brands found there include: elf, WetnWild, Maybelline, LA Colors, Milani, and so many more. It all varies depending on the store and what they get in.

This post is partially a newly-purchased and future review material and a little of products I’ve had for a while.



(Blah blah blah stuff to mention)

***This is PART 1 which will contain all of the face, lip, & nail products. The PART 2 portion will contain anything related to the eyes.***

**This is only for little swatches, pictures of the product, and either initial thoughts or thoughts from using the products many times.**

*I intend to do reviews on some of the products (I will indicate which ones are definite), but if you have any questions about a product or want me to do a full review, let me know. I’d be more than happy to do both.”

The post will be separated into four categories: Used & Liked, Used & Did Not Like that Much, Not Worth the Dollar, and Newly Purchased & Future Reviews.

Each item will include the original price of the product on the manufacturer’s website or a site that sells the item. It will also include how much of the product is given in the package. If the product is no longer on the website but I know it is sold elsewhere, I will attach a website to where you can check out/purchase the item.


If the product is discontinued and no longer sold by the company online or through a store, I will try to provide a price (if I can find one) of what it cost when sold through its brand, and I will also make mention that it is no longer sold at such places.

Here we go on pictures and swatches!

I apologize ahead of time for the swatches & product pictures not being the best or coolest. I’m still trying to figure out how I want to do this, so I’m doing random ways each post to see what works best for me.



Used & Liked

  •  elf Pout Perfecter in Gl0w
    • $3 for 0.3 oz
    • Nice lip gloss for wearing alone all over the lips or to add shine to a matte lip color
    • Not drying
    • Wears comfortably with a little stickiness, but it is hardly noticeable
    • Not really colored but adds some shine/sparkle
elf pout.JPG
elf Pout Perfecter in Glow
  • Maybelline Baby Lips
    • $4.49 ( for 0.15 oz
    • A really nice lip balm at the drugstore. I was super happy to see them at my local Dollar Tree.
    • Some are clear, and some give a nice hint of color to the lips.
Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Shock, Fierce N Tangy, Berry Bomb, Oh! Orange, and Minty Sheer.


Used & Did Not Like that Much

  • elf Lip Lock Pencil
    • $3 for 0.06 oz
    • While this is not a bad product, it is not my fave.
    • Can be used as a lip liner or simply lipstick lock, but I don’t think it made much of a difference.
    • Was not drying when applied.
elf lip lock.JPG
elf Lip Lock Pencil
  • *LA Colors Lip Gloss Moisturizing Formula in Fruit Punch
    • $? for ? oz
      • Cannot find price online or amount on package
      • I assume it is discontinued because LA Colors does not list it on its website, unless it was completely repackaged.
    • Pros: nice color payoff, smooth, not drying, cute packaging
    • Cons: did not apply well
      • Applied unevenly.
      • The reason it is in this category and not in Used & Liked.
la colors lipgloss.JPG
LA Colors Lipgloss Moisturizing Formula in Fruit Punch
  • Makeup removing wipes & exfoliating wipes
    • 40 wipes for makeup remover, and 30 wipes for exfoliating wipes
    • Not a makeup product per-say, but I felt it was good to mention it.
    • Only seen at the Dollar Tree
    • Removes makeup okay, but not the best. Still worth the dollar if you are willing to wipe a few times
    • Does not work too well with mascara or eyeliner. You have to work a little harder, but it does remove eye shadow okay (I use these when doing arm swatches)

Not Worth the Dollar

  •  elf HD Blush in Showstopper
    • $3 for ? oz
    • I know many people like this product. It just did not work for me. Maybe it was an old/bad batch of the product (I did buy it at the dollar store), but it just was not that great.
    • This is a dark color and a nice color, but I do not recommend it for fair skin (unless you like a brighter blush).
    • I used only a tiny tiny bit and tried to blend it out, but it did not blend well. My grandma tried the same, and she did not like it either.
    • I will continue to play with it and update you guys later if things get better or worse.


Newly Purchased & Future Reviews

  • Colormates blush in Mauve Alous
    • $? for 0.31 oz
    • First impression: very smooth, nice pigmentation, blends well, cheap packaging, & no parabens. I have yet to wear this, but I will soon. It looks very promising.
    • I have never had luck with any colormates products (namely the eyeshadow I played with as a little kid), but if this product works, I may need to head back to the Dollar Tree and try some more.
    • I could not track this item down online on the Colormates website (it is only for wholesale inquiries), but I’ve seen it at just about any Dollar Tree I’ve ever been to.
  • Sassy & Chic BB Beauty Creme
    • $? for 1.0 oz
    • I’ve only ever seen this brand at Dollar Tree.
    • Does not seem like it would give a lot of coverage, so I will test it out with some powder over top.
    • I purchased mine in fair, and it was a great color match for my almost-paper-white skin.
    • Excited yet nervous to try out. (hopefully it doesn’t break me out!)
sassy and chic bb cream.JPG
Sassy & Chic BB Creme in Fair
  • *Essie Sleek Stick Nail Art Stickers in 80
    • $? for 18 stickers
    • Another guess of this item being discontinued because I cannot find it anywhere.
    • Many, many options available at the Dollar Tree
    • No opinion right now, honestly. I bought them because they were cute. lol
Essie Sleek Stick in 80



If I had to pick one item from this list to recommend to people, I would choose the Maybelline Baby Lips. Not only are they affordable at the regular cost, they are a great Dollar Tree find. I recommend this item even if you can’t find them at the Dollar Tree.


Thank you to anyone who checked out this post, and a big shout out to those of you who actually read all of my babbling. I hope you enjoyed this post, and I encourage everyone else to post your favorite items you’ve bought at the Dollar Tree. It’s a great place. Haha.

Comment below your favorites Dollar Tree finds. If you would like more information or a review on a specific product, let me know below.


Please check out my PART 2 to this post. I will be going over eye products (my favorite!) and all the goodies I’ve found there. I will post the link to it below when it is up.



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