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BIG Dollar Tree Makeup Haul with Swatches & Mini Reviews PART 2

Hello! Welcome back to my Dollar Tree haul posts. This is part two of a two part blog post. If you would like to check out the first post (the portion containing everything face, lips, and nails) you can see it here:


I babbled enough in the first post, so I’ll just get down to business.

Although…I feel the need to post some info in case you haven’t seen the first one. You can skip it if you’d like. (I basically copy-pasted with a few changes)


(Blah blah blah stuff to mention)

***This is PART 2 which will contain all of the eye products. The PART 1 portion contained face, lips, and nails (link above) .***

**This is only for little swatches, pictures of the product, and either initial thoughts or thoughts from using the products many times.**

*I intend to do reviews on some of the products (I will indicate which ones are definite), but if you have any questions about a product or want me to do a full review, let me know. I’d be more than happy to do both.”

The post will be separated into four categories: Used & Liked, Used & Did Not Like that Much, Not Worth the Dollar, and Newly Purchased & Future Reviews.

Each item will include the original price of the product on the manufacturer’s website or a site that sells the item. It will also include how much of the product is given in the package. If the product is no longer on the website but I know it is sold elsewhere, I will attach a website to where you can check out/purchase the item.


If the product is discontinued and no longer sold by the company online or through a store, I will try to provide a price (if I can find one) of what it cost when sold through its brand, and I will also make mention that it is no longer sold at such places.

At the end I will put a favorites list of the products I mentioned in the post. I will also tally up how much all of the products cost originally (before tax) and how much I paid for all items at the Dollar Tree (before tax)

At the end I will put a favorites list of the products I mentioned in the post.

Here we go on pictures and swatches!




* = discontinued


Used & Liked

  • LA Colors eyeliner in black
    • $? for 0.22 oz
    • For a dollar, you can’t go wrong. Totally worth checking out if you want a cheap liquid eyeliner and/or a beginner at makeup and want to practice without breaking the bank.
    • Only downfall would be the transfer to top of the lid after all day.
    • Advice: thin lines close to the lashes is what works best and lasts the longest.
la colors eyeliner.JPG
LA Colors Eyeliner in Black
  • elf smudge pots in Cruisin’ Chic, Brownie Points, and Poppin Party
    • $3 for 0.19 oz
    • Even at the original $3 price, they are totally worth it.
    • Nice pigmentation to add a pop of color to the lid.
elf smudge pots.JPG
elf Smudge Pots in Cruisin’ Chic, Brownie Points, and Poppin Party
  • Maybelline 24 hr Color Tattoo Pure Pigments in Never Fade Jade and Pink Rebel
    • $4.88 (Amazon price) for 0.05 oz
    • These give off very good pigmentation. Use with a wet brush.
    • Good for eyeliner. Does not transfer to upper lid of smudge after it sets.
maybelline pigments.JPG
Maybelline 24 Color Tattoo Pure Pigments in Never Fade Jade and Pink Rebel


Used & Did Not Like that Much

  • n/a


Not Worth the Dollar

  • elf Natural eyeslashes
    • $1 for two lashes
    • DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY (even a dollar).
    • I love elf, but this was a TOTAL miss.
    • Cheap eyeslashes that feel like it. If you are looking for dollar lashes, I hear shopmissa.com has some really good ones.
    • The glue is not half bad, but not the best.
    • Lashes feel plastic-y because that’s basically what they are.
elf eyelashes.JPG
elf Natural Lashes Kit


Newly Purchased & Future Reviews

  • NYC Individual Eye shadow Palettes in Union Square, Smokey Charcoals, and Best of Broadway
    • $4.99 for 0.158 oz total product
    • Have not used nor swatched yet.
    • Colors look like a nice collection. Comes with a primer, illuminator, and four shadows.
    • Review coming soon
nyc palettes.JPG
NYC Individual Eyes in Smokey Charcoals, Best of Broadway, and Union Square
  • Milani Bella Eyes Gel Pwder Eyeshadow in Navy, Gray, Charcoal, Violet, Teal, Cobalt, and Rose
    • $4.99 for 0.05 oz
    • Nice selection of colors (31 total as of now)
    • Have not used or swatched yet.
    • Nice and cute packaging.
    • Review to come.
milani eyeshadow.JPG
Milani Gel Powder Eye shadows (starting from top left to right) Bella Gray, Bella Charcoal, Bella Navy, Bella Cobalt, Bella Violet, Bella Teal, and Bella Rose


I like all of the Used & Liked products, but my favorite are the elf smudge pots. I really recommend them. If you see them in store or are buying elf products online, check these out. You will not be disappointed.


I suppose this haul wasn’t as huge as I had led on, but it was a good number of products. I will continue to check my Dollar Tree out, and you should do the same to the one closest to you. Give it a shot. You’ll be glad you did.


-Hannah 🙂


2 thoughts on “BIG Dollar Tree Makeup Haul with Swatches & Mini Reviews PART 2

    1. I’ve watched them, and they were BEAUTIFUL. I can’t wait to mess around with them. I’ll be posting a review soon after I do. 🙂


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