Perfectly Posh Under Wonder Poreless Matte Face Primer Review

If there is one  thing I need to make my foundation not only last but not flake on my extremely dry skin, it’s a primer.


My little tale about a girl’s #struggle to find the perfect prep…

I have tried many primers including Too Faced Hangover, Benefit Pore-fessional, and elf’s Hydrating Primer. Too Faced’s, while making my makeup last all day, wasn’t hydrating enough and broke me out. Benefit’s smoothed out my pores but made little difference to wear time. elf’s was just too greasy. I’ve tried high end and low end, but I never found a primer that I liked enough to buy and use on the daily. It has been a #struggle (you can roll your eyes at me here).

My sister-in-law is a consultant to the company Perfectly Posh which sells natural products for under $25, and they had this Poreless Matte Face Primer that caught my interest. I wasn’t sure at first if I wanted to buy it because of its matte claim and my chronic dry skin. Nonetheless, my sister-in-law knew I was interested and bought it for me for my birthday a few weeks ago. So yeah, I didn’t buy this product, but this review is 100% my unbiased thoughts on the product.


Perfectly Posh’s Under Wonder Poreless Matte Face Primer Profile (that’s a mouthful)

front primer.JPG

back primer.JPG

The product itself comes in sleek green tube with a black cap. It contains 1 oz. of product and is made in the USA. The container is recyclable, which is pretty cool. It costs $20. Let me give you a few comparisons of this primer vs (full sized) popular and raved about primers in regards to what you are paying per ounce:

  • Perfectly Posh Primer – $20/oz
  • Too Faced Hangover – $23.70/oz
  • Benefit Pore-fessional – $41.33/oz
  • Make Up For Ever Step 1 – $37/oz
  • Smashbox Photo Finish – $36/oz

As you can see, $20 is a very good deal for a primer. I’d say a con to this primer compared to a few of the others listed is the fact it only comes in one form. What I mean by this is that Make Up For Ever and Smashbox have different primers for different skin types, but Posh is only one kind. I don’t know if Posh is planning on making other primers for more skin types.

It has a fragrance, but it is not disgusting like some products. I’d say it’s a bit like cucumbers and not perfume-y. I actually like it.

As you can probably tell from the picture, the primer is a clear gel-like formula. It comes our clear and goes on the face clear. I think it looks a bit like hair gel. You know what I mean? It looks like that thick gel that guys sometimes put in their hair to slick it back. Except this is not thick but light, soft, and smooth.

squirt primer.JPG

But what do I wear it with??

Foundations, duh.

I research my foundations fairly well before buying or I get a sample from Sephora. My trouble with finding foundations for my almost-white fair skin is individual post material in itself.#PorcelainProblems. I watch and read many reviews, and I try not to buy anything that multiple people have claimed cling to dry patches.

I have a two foundations that I know and like (love is such a strong word), so when testing out new primers, they are my men-er-foundations for the job. These foundations are Revlon Colorstay for Normal to Dry Skin in 110 Ivory (I’m talking about the liquid kind, although I do also own the cream one in a jar. That one clings to my dry patches more.), and CoverGirl 3-in-1 Outlast Stay Fabulous in 805 Ivory (a bit dark but matches decently in the summer).

I shall take you all into the world of each of these foundations…


Revlon Colorstary for Normal to Dry Skin in 110 Ivory

Wear on its own: A bit drying, especially around the nose. Sometimes flakes on the cheeks. Comes off around the nose by the end of the day.

Wear with Perfectly Posh Primer: Less flaking (still need to moisturize well beforehand). Stays on pretty well by the end of the day.

Verdict: This foundation wears well with the primer, but I don’t think it would had I not cleaned and moisturized my face well. The foundation claims to be good for dry skin, but it isn’t if your skin is as dry as the Sahara. Make sure to moisturize if you have a foundation similar.


CoverGirl 3-in-1 Outlast Stay Fabulous Foundation in 805 Ivory

Wear on its own: This foundation is awful on its own. It claims to have a primer, but I think that is no where near the truth. I work five hour shifts most days, and it can’t even stay on completely during that time. The wear on its own is one reason I chose to test this foundation with the primer.

Wear with Perfectly Posh Primer:  Wow. When paired with the CoverGirl foundation, the primer’s claims of being a “wonder under your makeup” are completely true. It’s like the CoverGirl is a completely new foundation. I’m not exaggerating (at least I’m not in my own mind). The foundation wears so well over top this primer and actually lasts a good seven to eight hours now. I’ve tried this foundation with other primers and on its own, but so far its worked best with this one.

Verdict: SUPER GREAT worn with the CoverGirl 3-in-1. I was so surprised by this. Of course, I moisturized super well before applying both products. I think this combination was superior to the Revlon/Perfectly Posh combo above. It was even less drying and gave off a natural look.


Should you buy? Should you not buy? That is the question…

I’d say this product is a total purchase. 

Even for dry skin like mine, it works. I know I’ve said this many, many times in this post, but you have to make sure to moisturize well before putting it on or it may make your makeup look dull and possibly a bit patchy if you only wash and don’t moisturize at all.

It is made of natural materials, so it did not break out my face. I recommend if you have sensitive skin.

– – –

If you are interested in this product, I will provide a link below to it. The link is through my sister-in-law’s seller account, but I do not have any affiliation or commission through it. If you purchase, you do not have to buy through her, but it does help her out. 


My sister-in-law’s seller number: 40789

– – –

Thanks for reading! If you have any thoughts, questions, comments on the product, let me know below!

-Hannah 🙂


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