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CoverGirl Oh Sugar! Lip Balm *Purchase or Pass* Review & Swatches

I didn’t even know about the Fresh Sugar balms until after I purchased these CoverGirl Oh Sugar! balms.
Many say the CoverGirl balms are inferior to Fresh’s, but since I have never tried Fresh’s product, this will be a straight-up review and not a comparison.



However, I would like to draw your attention to the price difference:

  • Fresh’s Sugar Lip Treatment costs $24 (Sephora.com)
  • CoverGirl’s Oh Sugar! costs about $7.99 (CoverGirl.com) depending on where you purchase.

Considering Fresh’s balm’s price of $24, I cannot justify buying a lip balm or treatment that costs that much. I’m a college student with dry lips who cannot afford to spend $24 a pop to keep my lips moisturized.


CoverGirl’s Oh Sugar! lip balms claim (on CoverGirl.com) to not only hydrate and nourish the lips, but they add a bit of color to them, as well. They claim to”protect and repair lips,” which is something that interests me.  Like I said, I have dry lips that need protection. If this product actually does what it claims, we could have a hidden gem on our hands.

These are said to be infused with grapeseed oil, avocado butter, vitamins C, and vitamin E. That’s a lot of nourishment going on there. They even read “VITAMIN INFUSED BALM” on the side of the cap, so they’re really putting emphasis on the nourishing properties.

CoverGirl.com also says these balms are scented, which I’m a little if-y on. All CoverGirl lip products I’ve tried have had an awful smell to them. The smell for me takes away the awesome quality that said lipsticks have. The smell will wear off a few minutes after application, so I learn to live with it. Do these have the same smell? Let’s find out…


The Basic Questions

  • How much am I paying?
    • Around $7.99, depending on where you purchase. Walmart will always be the cheapest place.
  • How much product am I getting?
    • 0.1 oz according to Ulta.com.
  • Where can I buy these?
    • Ulta, drugstores, Walmart, and any place that sells CoverGirl products.
  • Is this a limited edition product/collection?
    • Nope. These are new additions to the official CoverGirl brand.
  • How many colors/shades does it come in?
    • Ten different shades currently. There is no indication that more shades will be added in the future, but you never know.

I currently have 6/10 shades because those were the only ones I could find at my local drugstore.  My shades include:

  • 1. Cupcake
  • 5. Spice
  • 6. Punch
  • 7. Soda
  • 8. Sprinkle
  • 9. Jelly

I started doing lip swatches of all the colors I own, but they all look basically the same on camera, indoor and natural lighting. This is (mostly) the darker-colored second-half of the collection, and they all are very similar-in real life and on camera. I figured arm swatches on my almost-white arms may give off a better truth to what each individual color looks like. You be the judge.




My take on each of the colors:



1. Cupcake

Soft pinky-nude. Sheer with a little building room. It’s a great option if you want something close to your natural lip color. I say it adds life to your lips with its sheen. My lips are fairly pigmented, so it is basically a lip gloss.


spice.png5. Spice

Soft orangey-red. It’s not overly red or orange, so it’s wearable for everyday. Similar to Punch, but it is more subtle.

punch.png6. Punch

The closest thing to true red you’ll find in the collection.Wears similarly to Spice and Soda, but this is more red. Red. Red. Red.


soda.png7. Soda

Red mixed with berry. Similar to Punch but has more of a pinkish-purple tint to it. My favorite color packaging.


sprinkle.png8. Sprinkle

Pink but not too bright of a pink. It’s like the lip balm form of a Barbie pink but not as harsh. Very wearable.


jelly.png9. Jelly

A purple berry with a hint of pink. Looks beautiful on the lips. Takes a bit of building, but it super flattering. My favorite out of all the colors I own.


Most of these colors give a full-colored lip after about three swipes except for Cupcake and Jelly. Cupcake is more of an overall glossy finish, and Jelly takes five to six swipes for full color. I say these have the best pigmentation out of any drugstore lip balm I have ever used.

The color range is limited to neutrals, pinks, purples, and a hints of red. If you’re looking for a lip balm with another color, you’re out of luck. Although, I don’t know off the top of my head any lip balms that offer crazy colors.

All the colors I’ve tried are pretty similar on the lips with only subtle differences. It’s probably not vital to purchase every color in the collection unless you absolutely want to. I think I will only because I like having every item in a collection (and I like this product).

Scent & Taste

Yeah, these are pretty similar to CoverGirl lipsticks as far as scent and taste go.

The scent is not as overwhelming as the lipsticks are, and they have a fruity scent. I can stand the typical CoverGirl lip product smell on these.  The fruitiness is there, but it is artificial. I’m not the type of person who is bothered by makeup smelling like artificial fruit, but I know some people hate it.

The taste, however, is a different story. I’d say the taste is the biggest downside to this product. It’s very chemically. Every time I lick my lips I taste it. It’s not the worst thing I’ve tasted, but it is not the best. The CoverGirl lipsticks are not this bad as far as taste goes. It’s something to keep in mind.



Pretty Pretty Packaging

Super cute, is all I can say. The tube itself is a shiny plastic. The design is simple: product name on one side with the color name by it, “VITAMIN INFUSED BALM” on the opposite side, and color number and name on bottom. Each tube holding the product is white, which-save for the bottom-is covered with the cap on. I’d say it could pass for high-end, but it does look like it could be drugstore. The look of the shiny packing is similar to Fresh’s packaging but in its own style.

Each color’s tube correlates with the color of the product. The tubes are more similar to the color payoff of the lip balm than they are to what the stick looks like. The stick looks darker than any of the payoffs.


So…are my lips as soft as a baby’s bottom??

I think saying yes to that would be a little weird in this case. Nonetheless, they are very soft. The change is noticeable as soon as the lip balm is applied to my lips. Sooooo nourishing. Every one that I’ve tried has the same effect. It’s wonderful. It’s even better than some drugstore lip products that claim the same thing. I don’t need to apply any chapstick before applying this to my lips. It works on its own.

The Pros and Cons List


  • Good pigment for a lip balm
  • Very nourishing
  • Cute, sturdy packaging
  • Affordable


  • Slight chemically taste
  • Color range is limited


Purchase or Pass?

Purchase…at least one. It’s worth a try. Your lips will be nourished, and you’ll add a little bit of color. Plus, they’re all so darn cute. It’ll look pretty on your vanity!


Have you tried this product or do you want to? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!






As always, all products are purchased by me unless otherwise stated.

All opinions are my own.


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