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DUPE: Marc Jacobs “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” Lipstick

Marc Jacobs’ Le Marc Lip Créme Lipstick line is full of beautiful colors including Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is a pretty deep bright pink color with hints of red and a little bit of mauve. It’s a nice color in a smooth, creamy, and opaque formula that retails for $30. This particular lipstick lasts well throughout the day, drinking, and has to have a touch up after eating.

It’s a pretty darn good lipstick. It’s flattering on my cool, very very fair skin, and I imagine those with darker skin would like it too. Sephora evidently does too because it’s part of Sephora’s birthday gift, and that is, of course, for people of all skin tones. I wouldn’t say this is an everyday lipstick unless you’re into flashy lipstick for everyday. If you are, this could work for that. If you’re into flashier colors for a night out, this will definitely work.

But $30? In my opinion, that’s a bit for lipstick when you can find really good ones at the drugstore for under $10. And I did find a lipstick under $10 that is really good. Actually, I found a lipstick AND a lip liner that-combined-will cost you under $10!

(See swatches below)

ELF Moisturizing Lipstick in Ravishing Rose $3

ELF moisturizing lipstick in Ravishing Rose is a very similar color to Marc Jacobs’ Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. ELF’s lipstick takes a swipe or two more to reach the opacity that Marc Jacobs has, but it can get there. I’d say Ravishing Rose is a tad more red, but they go on the lips nearly identical. They have similar wear time with ELF needing more reapplication (more blank lip patches) than Marc Jacobs. Both are not drying on the lips. Both will need a lip liner because both bleed outside the lips without one. For $3, it’s a great affordable option.
Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner in Ravish $5.99

This product is perfect to pair with Kiss Kiss Bang Bang or on its own. It’s a little more drying than Marc Jacobs or ELF. The color tilts more towards hot pink than the other two options, but it looks very very similar on the lips, which is why it’s a great match as the liner for either lipstick.

(Left to right) Marc Jacobs Kiss Kiss Bang Bang lipstick, ELF Ravishing Rose lipstick, and Rimmel Ravish lip liner.

I know a lot of people are buying the full-sized Marc Jacobs lipstick after receiving their Sephora birthday gift, so I wanted to give my two cents. I hope this Quick Tip Thursday helped you guys if you loved the Marc Jacobs color but did not like the price tag. They are all really good, in my opinion, so you are getting good products any way you go.



2 thoughts on “DUPE: Marc Jacobs “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” Lipstick

  1. I don’t know that I would call this “flashy”. While it’s not a nude, it’s definitely a neutral that goes well with pretty well every look. I too have extremely fair skin (I can literally blend into a white wall if I’m not careful!), but this is a very wearable shade for everyday looks for me.


    1. I think that’s just me, who rarely strays from an everyday nude, who called it flashy. Now, after breaking into some darker shades, it really isn’t flashy at all. It really is a nice color on fair skin tones (I too tend to blend into white backdrops. lol).


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