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Colourpop’s NEW #Alchemy Collection Review and Swatches

Let me start off by saying I’ve never tried any product from Colourpop. None. When I saw
the company was having a sale (you know, the one that made everyone wait in line for hours because so many people were trying  to shop), I had to try some products.

I purchased actress Jaime King’s collab #Alchemy. Her idea for this collection was to create colors that were universally flattering, no matter if you are the palest-skinned person or the darkest-skinned person. I thought her message was cool, and I liked how she considered not only mid-tones that companies tend to favor. BUT this is a big claim, and I was a bit skeptical that its promise could be met.

Here is Jaime King’s statement (taken directly from“We created this line because I saw a gap in the “beauty” market. I was tired of seeing very few care about what beauty means for women,” she said. “For some, that means no makeup, for others, they cannot afford it, nor do companies actually consider the color of their skin and that it’s not only unfair but radically gross that most do not create something that makes all women and men feel beautiful. Yes, men, who want to wear makeup as that is why I made this as well. I want to celebrate the inner beauty that we all innately carry and create that which celebrates that which radiates from within.”

My order from Colourpop featuring the #Alchemy collab with Jaime King
TOP ROW: Pretty Bonnes, The Golden Child, and Thames. BOTTOM ROW: Alchemy, Vanity Fair, and Knight.

The complete collection features two lippie stix, two lip pencils, a contour stick, a highlight stick, three super shock face products (highlight, blush, bronzer), and three eyeshadows.


The Basic Questions

  • How much am I paying?
    • $30 for the six-piece boxed set (three eyeshadows and three face products)
    • $5 for individual eyeshadows
    • $8 for individual full-size face products
      • come in mini versions in the boxed set
    • $5 for each lippie stix
      • Cannot buy in the set
    • $5 for lip liners
    • $5 for contour or highlight stick
  • How much product am I getting?
    • Six-piece boxed set
      • 0.07 oz (2.1g) per product = 0.42 oz total (12.6 g)
      • Mini-sized face products are the same size as the full-size eyeshadows
    • Individual eyeshadows
      • 0.07 oz or 2.1 g
    • Individual Full-Sized Face Products
      • 0.15 oz or 4.2 g
    • Lippie Stix
      • 0.0352 oz or 1.0 g
    • Lip liner
      • Does not say on website
    • Contour/Highlight Sticks
      • 0.05 oz or 1.3 g
  • Where can I buy these?
    • Only on
  • Is this a limited edition product/collection?
    • They are a collaboration, so I do not know if they are permanent. As of right now, there is no indication that these are going away anytime soon.


What I Got From This Collection

I purchased the lippie stix, the super shock face products, and the three eyeshadows. I got the Super Shock eye and face product in the boxed set, so my face products are all mini versions. I didn’t purchase the lip liners because I had read somewhere the lippie stix work in their place (which, I’ve found out, is totally true), and I’m not a big fan of cream contouring and thought it would be a waste to buy the contour stick and highlight stick.


Lippie Stix

TOP: Jujuroug. BOTTOM: Polite Society.

TOP: Jujurouge. BOTTOM: Polite Society.

Polite Society

Finish: Matte

Claim: A warm peach

My Take: While this color leans a little warm, I don’t think calling it ‘peach’ is accurate. It is more orange than anything. In indoor lighting, it looks more neutral and soft. Sort of flattering. In the sun, it’s orange. My mom kept making comments because it was so orange, and my complexion does not favor straight-up orange.

Who is this for?: I think darker skin tones would like this, but the fairer you are, the more you should avoid this. I could see it working for mid-tone skin, as well. If you are fair and you wear this, perhaps mix it up and pair it with a more-flattering color. Maybe a different color/toned lip liner would make this look better on fair skin.


Finish: Matte

Claim: deepened berry red 

My Take: I think this description is pretty spot on. The color is a flattering red even on my pale skin. It is not an orangey-red, but it does lean a little berry.

Who is this for?: Anyone. I think this color really would look good on all skin tones, and I’m very happy with King’s choice in this color.

Super Shock Products

FROM TOP TO BOTTOM: 1. Knight (eyeshadow). 2. Vanity Fair (eyeshadow). 3. Alchemy (eyeshadow). 4. Thames (blush). 5. The Golden Child (highlight). 6. Bonnes (highlight).



1. Knight (eyeshadow)

Finish: Satin

Claim: Soft, silky black

My Take: It comes off deeply pigmented and mostly matte. Just a tiny dab into this picks up so much color. I recommend if you’re looking for a good black.

2. Vanity Fair (eyeshadow)

Finish: Pearlized

Claim: Cool toned silvery taupe

My Take: A taupe-brown with a bit of shimmer. This could be used lightly in the crease or darkened out on the outer corner for an everyday look

3. Alchemy (eyeshadow)

Finish: Glitter Sheer

Claim: Translucent peachy tone sprinkled with multi-dimensional glitter

My Take: A sheer shadow with a lot going on. It has a base of a peachy-yellow with little sparkles. It looks more yellow at first, but the peach tint is strong and makes it flattering. I use this as a lid color. I really think this makes my eyes pop.

4. Thames (blush)

Finish: Matte

Claim: Cool toned rosy pink

My Take: Very matte and lightly pigmented blush. The color can be built up, but you will have to work quick because this product dries super fast. It dries fast and stays put unti you remove it with makeup remover. It is a nice color on my pale skin if used lightly, so darker skin tones may be able to use me swipe and be good. The tone is a universally flattering one, so I think different skin tones can use this with varying light and heavy hands.

5. The Golden Child (highlighter)

Finish: Pearlized

Claim: Soft, coppery gold

My Take: This is a pretty golden bronze color, but I think it works better as an eyeshadow. It’s super sparkly, so unless you are someone who wears sparkles bronzer, you should pass. If you are buying by the individual pieces and not the entire super sock collection, you may want to pass. I think Vanity Fair is a much more flattering color on a variety of skin tones and less warm-toned than this color. Vanity Fair is more neutral and would work better as a sparkley bronzer than this color, in my opinion. I don’t see this as a highlighter at all. It really is a bronzer.

6. Pretty Bonnes (highlight)

Finish: Pearlized

Claim: Creamy ivory with a subtle gold duo chrome effect 

My Take: It is a pale ivory when heavily swatched, and blends out into a nice shine on the face. I don’t see much of a gold sparkle no matter how subtle it claims to be. There is a shine to it, but I would not say it is an over-the-top look on the cheeks. It’s more of an everyday kind of highlight than a night out.


What to buy, what to pass on, and what is flattering.

I don’t think Polite Society is for everyone, but if you like orange-ish lipstick, you’ll like it. I do, however, think Jujurouge is for everyone. It’s a flattering color, whereas Polite Society makes your teeth look yellow and does not look good on pale skin.

The eyeshadows all have incredible staying power, pigmentation, and can create a universally flattering look for everyday. I’d recommend the black over all of these shadows if you are looking to buy one. It’s got Holy Grail black eyeshadow written all over it. I absolutely love it.

The face products are good quality but not for everyone. The highlight is a universal everyday highlight, and the blush has a tone that would work well on a variety of skin tones. Lighter skin tones will need a lighter hand, and darker skin tones may need to go a bit heavier-handed. The bronzer, in my opinion, is only for those who actually use a shimmery bronzer. I don’t know many people who like that. Like I said, I’d use the Vanity Fair eyeshadow over The Golden Child bronzer. Vanity Fair is less orange. I’d pass on the bronzer, but if you do buy the complete set, use as an eyeshadow is a better option.



I hope this review helped you. It’s a pretty collection with a good idea behind it.

If you have any more questions, let me know in the comments!




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