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Nyx Foundation Mixer in White Review & Swatches

Foundations from any level – drugstore or high-end – have been known to either run too dark or oxidize after being applied. As a person who has skin so pale she cannot wear most all liquid foundations (again, both drugstore and high-end), I have been on the constant lookout for a product to accommodate my needs. Something that will make my foundation the right shade for me to wear…

…have I found one in Nyx’s Foundation Mixer in white???


Nyx Foundation Mixer in White


Nyx, a well known affordable and quality makeup brand, has recently put out six new products under the title Foundation Mixer. These products claim to “adjust the tone, shade and finish of any liquid foundation, resulting in a truly perfect match (according to nyxcosmetics.com).

The shades include (color title – description from Nyx’s website):

  • White – white
  • Opalescent – sheer white with opalescent shimmer
  • Luminous – champagne cream with gold undertone
  • Warmth – burnt orange
  • Olive – deep beige with olive undertone
  • Deep – deep dark brown

As you can see, the colors cater to all different skin tones. I think that it’s great there’s something for everyone. If you want to lighten your foundation’s color, you can; if you want to deepen your foundation’s color, you can; and then all that’s in between.

I purchased white to lighten my foundation. I looked into Mac’s white foundation and Illamanesque’s white foundation, but they were too expensive for something that I read mixed reviews on and wasn’t guranteed to work. I’m always up for the cheaper option, so Nyx seemed like a safe attempt. Nyx was buy one-get one half off at Ulta when I bought this, so I did save some money, too.

***One thing I’d like to bring up is that this is water-based. I’ve read on many beauty blogs and seen on many YouTube videos that you should mix foundation or foundation mixers with the same base. I have tested both water-based and nonwater-based foundations for this review, and overall I have had the same results.***


Texture, Color, Feeling, etc…

Initially, this product feels wet but not runny when squirted on my hand. It comes out easily of its squeeze tube. It is pure white. Sorry for the bad picture (of the little dot on my hand). I think you can see the color much better when I spread it out on my hand.

Nyx Foundation Mixer in White swatch
Nyx Foundation Mixer in White swatch spread out

For the most part, it is pretty opaque. When you start spreading it out the color thins, but it is still apparent. I think you can see that in these pictures.

In the picture below, you can see it fully spread out on my hand. My skin is so light that it does not look like much of a difference, but there is a difference. If anything, I think it makes my skin look a little more glowy.

Nyx Foundation Mixer in White spread out on hand


This mixer does lighten the foundation. The more you add, the lighter it gets. I did not take a picture to prove it (my bad), so you will have to take my word.

There is not much of a difference, but I think this mixer adds a bit of moisture to the foundation. On my drier foundations, like Revlon Colorstay for Combo to Dry skin, I have noticed a difference. Overall, this product does not change the foundation, at least not for the worse or in a majorly noticeable way.


Have you tried any of Nyx’s foundation mixers? Or any other product similiar? Let me know below!



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