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L’oreal Pro Glow 24 hr Foundation in 201 Classic Ivory Review w/ Comparison Pictures

It’s no secret that my skin is as dry as the Sahara Desert. Well, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but my skin is extremely dry. Finding a foundation that works for my skin is the toughest task I have in regards to makeup. I’ve said this time and time again.

I know people in the beauty community – whether they focus on drugstore, high-end, or both – go gaga over L’oreal’s Pro Matte foundation, but I have never tried it. Every review I’ve read on it that mentions dry skin does not recommend it. Any review that says you’d have to exfoliate and moisturize like you’ve never done before immediately turns me off from the product. But when I first saw a L’oreal instagram post about this new product, the Infallible Pro-Glow, I knew I had to try it.

L’oreal Infallible Pro-Glow 24 hr Foundation in 201 Classic Ivory



The Basic Questions

  • How much am I paying?
    • I paid $10.97 at Walmart, but if you buy it anywhere else you will pay $11.99 or 12.99.
  • How much product am I getting?
    • 1.0 oz
  • Where can I buy these?
    • Any drugstore or place that sells L’oreal products.
  • Is this a limited edition product/collection?
    • Nope.
  • How many colors/shades does it come in?
    • 12 colors on initial release.
    • Colors tend to run light, so hopefully they’ll expand to darker shades.
  • What does the packaging look like?
    • It’s in a see-through squeeze tube with a black top and cap. Instead of the Pro Matte’s red, it has blue accents.

Initial Application

I was surprised when I squeezed this out of the tube and the color worked for me. It was a tad bit dark, but that is hardly noticeable. One drop of Nyx Foundation Mixer in white and I’m good to go. No primer was used on this try because I wanted to see how it worked on its own.

The foundation was runny. I wouldn’t compare the consistency to water exactly. It was a tad thicker than that. It didn’t feel oily or greasy.

I spread this first by using my Real Techniques Total Face brush. It looked really good and didn’t seem to thin out the foundation. For fun, I used my Real Techniques sponge on one side of the face to see how it would work. It was good, but a sponge took a bit of the product off. Both sides looked pretty flawless (well, as flawless as possible with my skin), nonetheless. I typically like to use my sponge with foundations, but the brush’s finish was better with this product.


L’oreal Infallible Pro-Glow 24 hr Foundation in 201 Classic Ivory



Wear & Coverage

(Please ignore my eye brows in the next few pics. They need some work.)




These pictures were taken at 4:00 pm. I used enough foundation to cover the face, but it was not heavily applied.

I have some blemishes on the side of my cheek, and I think the foundation covered them up pretty well. I will say that in person, if you are really look face, you can still see the blemishes. Because of this, I like to take a dab of concealer and cover those blemishes up. You can still see those little annoying bumps on my face, so a second layer would help with that. I like only wearing one layer because they aren’t that noticeable to the average person I interact with on the day to day.

My face is noticeably glowy. I don’t know if it comes off in the pictures as well as it does in real life. It gets a tad more glowy throughout the day, but it does not look like my face is covered in oil.

The one thing I noticed is that once it dries, it does not feel like I have anything on my face. Not one hour later or five or more. It feels like skin, and it does not come off on my hands when I touch my face, setting spray or not. It’s not sticky and wet, but it doesn’t feel like dry skin. It feels like normal skin.

(EDIT: I used Elf setting powder with this foundation, and it did not get dry or cakey at any point of the day.)

One comment I would make is that you should exfoliate before using. The foundation looks good if used without exfoliating, but exfoliating will make your skin look as best as it can.

I haven’t worn this foundation for 24 hours as it claims it can, but I have worn it 8 hours with a primer (I’ve been using Make Up Forever for dry skin), and it looked just as good at the end of those 8 hours as it did on initial application.

I bought this this in the lightest color Classic Ivory, and it is too dark for me. I mix it with my Nyx Foundation Mixer in White, and it’s a better match. I don’t have a problem with oxidation even at the end of the day.

Here is me after 8 hours of wear and all my other makeup applied. This was taken at midnight on the same day as the previous pictures. It looks as good as it did when I first applied it.

makeup after 8 hours.jpg



Overall Thoughts & Comments

I think this is another drugstore gem, and I am so glad I picked this up. Seriously, it is saving me so much money.

Not only is the price right, I feel really good when I’m wearing this. I feel like I have naturally flawless skin even though I know I don’t. I love this stuff!

I honestly don’t know how oily skin would do with this. I imagine that if you primed and set it right, it would work for you. I would suggest oily folks should probably stick to L’oreal Pro Matte as this is very luminous.

Dry skin girls and guys will like this. I would recommend picking it up if you’re in the search for a new foundation that will make your skin look beautiful and lively without looking like you’re wearing foundation.

In comparison to high end foundation, I think this stands up right next to some of the best. Honestly. It’s that good.


Purchase or Pass?

If it isn’t obvious from my praise, this is a total purchase.


Have you tried this foundation? Or the original Pro Matte? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below!



*Disclaimer* All products mentioned were purchased by me unless otherwise stated. All opinions are honest and my own.





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