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NEW Colourpop Ultra Glossy Lip Review & Swatches

Last week, Colourpop launched the Ultra Glossy Lip in twenty-one shades, and I got my hands on three of them.

I decided to only order a few because I wasn’t sure I would like them. Personally, I’m not really into colored lip glosses as I feel they get too sticky and messy. I gave these a shot because the swatches I saw on snapchat looked gorgeous!

I guess this product was given out as a free gift with purchase a while back, but I didn’t place an order during that time. This is my first encounter with any of them.

The Ultra Glossy Lip comes in four finishes: Metallic, creme, sheer, and glossy. The colors I purchased were Finder’s Keepers (creme), Tight Fit (sheer metallic), and Wolfie (ultra metallic). The differences in the metallics was not expressed on the website at all. I didn’t know there was a difference until I received them in the mail. I’ll go over my take later.


Colourpop Ultra Glossy Lip in Wolfie, Tight Fit, and Finder’s Keepers (from top to bottom).


Packaging, Price, & Application

The Ultra Glossy Lip products come in the same packaging as the Ultra Matte Lip products and the Ultra Satin Lip products. The doe foot applicator makes it easy to get the product on the lip evenly and without too much of a mess. This is how I prefer my liquid lip products to be.

This product go for $6 a tube.

With the doe foot applicator, it’s easy to get the product on the lips. Each of my three glosses went on evenly with a good opacity on the first swipe (see individual colors for more).


These all wear well. I wore Wolfie for about five hours through eating and drinking, and I had very little wear off. The parts that eventually began to wear off (the inside of the lips) wore off gracefully. Tight Fit (worn on top of Ultra Matte 1st Base) lasted and wore off in the same way.

These transfer like crazy. I left a mark on everything I ate and drink. But I didn’t expect these to act like the Ultra Matte and not transfer, so I can’t really complain too much.


Colourpop claims:

Our Ultra Glossy Lip provides extreme shine with a cushion-like comfortable feel. Absolutely NO stickiness or tackiness! This lip gloss smoothes and conditions the lips with emollient ingredients leaving your lips looking fuller, healthier, and super kissable.

My Take:

These do give off a nice shine on the lips. They don’t dry out the lips, and my lips look very healthy and full when they’re on. These do contain synthetic beeswax, so I’m guessing that has something to do with the conditioning. Honestly, I’m not too educated in ingredients to know if any of the other ingredients give off any benefits. Sorry about that.

As for the stickiness/tackiness claim? It’s totally not true. These are very sticky on the lips. I can’t separate my lips without them giving at least a little stick together. I will say that after hours of wear, they got a little better. But that takes forever to happen.


Indoor light. (from left to right) Wolfie, Tight Fit, and Finder’s Keepers.
Sunlight. (from left to right) Wolfie, Tight Fit, and Finder’s Keepers.


Individual Colors

Colourpop Ultra Glossy Lip in Wolfie
Wolfie (Ultra Metallic)

Claim: …rich rosy pink with a flash of gold on top in a Metallic finish

My Take: My favorite of the three and very flattering. The color claim is spot on. It doesn’t sound too special when you read the claim alone, but it really is something on the lips.

tight fit.jpg
Colourpop Ultra Glossy Lip in Tight Fit
Tight Fit (Sheer Metallic)

Claim: …light peachy pink with highlights of pink, silver and gold shimmer in a Metallic finish

My Take: I’d say this color leans more peachy than pink in the swatches. It looks more pink when applied to the lips, but there is a definite peachy tint to it. This is a metallic color that looks better over top of another color. It can be worn on its own. It looks like a tinted lip balm that got metallic finish.

finders keepers.jpg
Colourpop Ultra Glossy Lip in Finder’s Keepers
Finder’s Keepers (Creme)

Claim: mid-tone mauve pink in a Crème finish

My Take: I think this claim is pretty spot on. I will say it leans more mauve than pink. This is smooth when applied and makes the lips look healthy.




Purchase or Pass?

I’d say purchase…if you like lip glosses. You have to be okay with the sticky feeling and transfer. If you don’t like that, go for the Ultra Matte Lip instead.

Would I purchase again? Maybe. I might try the green one just for fun.


Have you tried these or would you? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!




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