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L.A. Colors Pout Matte Lipgloss in “Kiss & Tell” Review

Hey guys!

Sorry I’ve been very MIA the past couple of months. Between work, school, and attempting to have personal life, I have not had much time for beauty. Now that I have my Associate’s Degree and do not have to go back to school until the fall, I have some free time. I hope to be blogging more on here and on my YouTube. I plan to start a literature section on my blog, so stayed tuned for that!

Anywho…on to the review!


(All pictures were taken with flash indoor, but they are true to what they look like during the day, imo. Sorry I am not the best photographer. lol.)

You all know I’m a fan of ridiculously cheap but ridiculously good makeup. I am always on the hunt, and sometimes I collect cheap products in hopes they will be good, but I am a lot of times disappointed.

I was on vacation last week when my mom and I stopped into a Family Dollar. There was a LA Colors rack where everything was new and $1…I could not resist looking. When I saw the Pout Lipgloss I had seen on Shopmissa.com, I had to get it.

$1? That’s ridiculously cheap, right?

My thinking here was: this is either going to be a great gem or a total dud. I was previously a fan of their newer matte lipsticks (found here), so I was excited to see what this matte formula had in store.

LA Colors Pout Matte Lipgloss in “Kiss & Tell” chillin’ in my mom’s candle

I immediately had to test this in the car on the way home to find out. I was intrigued by the idea of a matte lipgloss as opposed to a lipstick because I had never tried anything like that before. There are some products out there with those claims, but none had struck my fancy until this little guy.

Besides the low price, the packaging pulled me in. It looked sleek with its black top and see-through bottom. Imprinted on it was the cute little label (see below) with a big kiss. The information tag containing all the ingredients could be taken off if someone really tried as it is a sticker, but the sticker is on pretty tight. I do not have to worry about it sliding or wearing off. The whole thing is made of plastic, so I do not worry too much if it drops or goes sliding around in my purse or makeup drawer.

Niiiiiiiice packaging.

The one thing I did not like about the packaging was the fact that the name of the shade was on the sticker and not the bottle. I am okay with stickers being put on the end of the tube because that is easy to find. With this, I have to search until I finally remember it is right next to the barcode. It is not a big deal, but I think that could have been done better.

So I applied it while we pulled into the drive-thru for Taco Bell (my fave!) and ordered. I always feel the best test for a lip product is eating greasy foods, so this was perfect.

Right off of the bat, this product went on fairly smoothly. It felt and looked like a lip stain and not a lipgloss. I lined my lips with the brush first. The brush is not flimsy, and it is easy to line and apply the product. I really like this and wish more liquid products were like this one. It is close to a doe-foot applicator but a little straighter.

Kind of like a doe-foot applicator but  flatter and more even

Lining was a breeze, and the “gloss” dried down almost immediately. There was a little room to blend in the color all over the lips, but it did not move around on my lips or outside of the lines.

The issue I had was comes with applying it all over the lips. This is a product you have to be careful with and make sure the color is evenly spread out or else it will sit on your lips all day with little clumps. It will not feel like there are clumps on your lips, but you will definitely be able to see them. My advice is to go slow and make sure you are taking your time with it. If you do that, it will go on with no patchy problems at all! I have become somewhat of a pro with it.

I called it a “gloss” earlier, but it is more of a hybrid between a lipstain and a matte liquid lipstick. It has the same minor stick (mostly after first application) at the NYX Liquid Lingerie Matte Lipsticks, but I feel these are more comfortable. They are not drying, but make sure you put on chapstick right before. I recommend chapstick or lipbalm of some sort before any lip product, especially when they have “matte” in the title.

As for the color, it is a bit deceiving. The shade I have is called “Kiss & Tell.” It looks like a burgundy shade with a hint of pink, but when applied it comes off sort of more purple and not as pink as it does from what you see. I do not know if that is visible in the pictures, but it is in person. This is my only shade from this range, so I do not know if all of the colors are like this one.

Swatch of “Kiss & Tell” (Please ignore my icky hand) 


The big question here is: how did it wear and for how long?

  1. It wore sooooo very comfortably. I am a girl with dry skin and dry lips, so I am a little terrified yet so drawn in to liquid matte formulas. This product did not at any point on my own lips feel drying. The only downside is that these tend to have a slight stick to them that decreases by the hour. For real. They slowly start to get less sticky. It is a weird thing, but it may be off-putting to someone who does not like any stick.
  2. They wore through everything and forever. Well, not forever, but they lasted all day. I can put this on in the morning and it will still be there at night. After I eat a little, the inside of my mouth tends to wear off, but that is expected with a product like this one. If you did not eat or drink a single thing all day, I think it would look the same at night. There was no bleeding whatsoever even after the seven or eight hours I wore it. I was very impressed.


A few notes:

  • Again, be careful when applying. Make sure you are doing it slowly and evenly. Line those lips!
  • When trying to layer this product, make sure you go over the entire originally covered area. You may have to go over the bare spots again to make it blend in better.
  • It will layer up for more color, but I would not recommend it.
  • Only a $1!!!!!
  • I tried scrubbing my hand swatch off with soap and water, but it did not come off. I had to scrub it down with a makeup remover, and still that took longer than most lip products. I have not tried it with lip color remover.
Me wearing “Kiss & Tell” while taking selfies in the bathroom mirror



I TOTALLY recommend picking one of these up.

LA Colors has totally vamped their makeup up, and I am digging it. I love all (two. lol) of the products that I have tried from their most recent launches. I am intrigued to try more, so I will keep you guys posted if I try anything else.

I would recommend this shade to anyone as I think anyone could look good in it. I do not know how the other colors wear, so if anyone has tried any of them, let me know your thoughts in the comments below!




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